Client Testimonials

Scimitar Propeller Conversion

"Prop looks killer! Performs great." - Tracy Trent (please see photos in propeller gallery)

"I recently purchased a new De-Iced Super Scimitar Hartzell Propeller from D’Shannon Aviation for my Beech B36TC. D’Shannon has the STC on this absolutely superb propeller installation. Scott Erickson at D’Shannon was a dream to work with and expedited the delivery. We meticulously installed the propeller and on the first flight, the operation was amazing. The balance was perfect, less vibration than I have ever experienced in my 48 years of flying propeller driven aircraft. Even more surprising is that this 82 inch propeller produced a significantly better rate of climb than my old 78 inch propeller. My initial observation was that we were climbing out at a faster rate of climb than I have ever seen in this airplane. That is 300 feet per minute more than I have ever seen. I am delighted with the performance.

Note: The added thrust is apparent when slowing down for the traffic pattern too. The Landing Gear Horn came on more frequently than before just to slow down for the pattern."

Ronald W. Diedrichs (Please see photos in the Propeller Gallery)
ATP pilot