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Bonanza Cooling Baffles

Dear Scott:

I now have my aircraft back from Hampton Roads Helicopters with the D’Shannon Baffle Kit installed. I flew it back from Virginia today to my home airport, Easton, Maryland (ESN).

Nate Steigenga and his folks at HRH did a FABULOUS job. Apart from the attention to detail shown during the project, the performance of the kit vis-à-vis my engine/cylinder temps exceeded my wildest expectations. My number 6 would regularly bump above 400F on climb-out, even in relatively modest temperatures such as we had here today (roughly 55F).

During climb-out today, I could not get the number 6 cylinder to go above 315 – at full throttle! During cruise, I saw an across the board 70-80 degree drop in my normal cruise cylinder temps.

In short, I could not be more pleased.

Thanks for the great product and the equally great installer recommendation.

Robert Schulte
Schulte Booth, P.C.
3001 Elliott Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21224
Voice (410) 732-1315
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Hi Scott,
Yesterday we took delivery of our E33 Bonanza after its engine upgrade to an IO-470-N using your STC. We are very pleased with the result, both the quality of the installation, and the performance. So far we have only flown it for two hours,however it is very pleasing not to have to worry about high cylinder head temps. With our original engine it was a struggle to keep them under 390 degrees, and now they are all in a flat line across our EDM-700 engine moniter at 330 degrees even with a tight new engine and a high power setting, so when the engine is broken in I am sure that we will be able to expect a long and trouble free life from it due to the vast improvement in engine cooling due to your baffle kit.Thank you and I will take some photos of the installation and send them to you.
David Headlam VH-DXH Australia

I recently had my engine rebuilt by Bill Cunningham @ Powermasters where a new D’Shannon baffle kit was installed during the rebuild.
just wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy we are with your system.
Our CHT temperatures have never been lower, even on hot day climb outs. In cruise we rarely see CHTs in excess of 300 F.
Also, your prompt attention to a very, very minor cosmetic detail after the installation, demonstrated your sincere commitment to customer service after the sale.
The product does exactly what you say it does and we could not be happier, not to mention the fact that it greatly enhances the appearance of the engine compartment.
I look forward to returning for tip tanks in the near future!
Best Regards
Ralph Smith
Utility Savings Solutions

The engine of an airplane is of the most complex, and expensive parts of our
aircraft. One of the biggest killers in small aircraft engines is excessive heat especially
cylinder head temperatures. Proper baffling is a great way to achieve proper engine
temperature. Every owner would love to see their engines make it to TBO or even
further. When I bought my Bonanza in 2011 one of the first things I noticed my CHTs
were not acceptable. If I wanted any chance of making it to TBO I knew I had to do

I met a guy at Oshkosh 2012 who as enthusiastic about Bonanzas as I was.
Fortunately, he happen to own a company that specialized in Bonanza and Baron
modifications. His name is Scott Erickson, owner of D’Shannon Aviation. After talking
with him and seeing his baffles I knew this was what I was looking for. Within a couple
of months after Oshkosh I had a set of baffles on its way.

Upon opening the huge box I looked at all the pieces and realized this wasn’t
your one size fits all baffle kits. I was going to install the baffles myself using my IAs
supervision. The quality of the parts is second to none. All of the piece have a beautiful
coating that really makes the engine compartment pop. My biggest surprise was that
every hole lined up and every piece fit. The entire kit goes together like a puzzle. The
install only took me about 25 hours and I was ready to test it out.

The difference between my old baffles and the D’Shannon baffles were night and
day. I had about a 35 degree F drop in CHTs across the board. I can now climb with no
worries of excessive CHTs. This is one modification that every Bonanza or Baron
should have.

~Shawn Botts~

              BEFORE                             AFTER

"We finally got the baffles installed and a couple of good test flights in yesterday. Climbout on an 80 deg. day resulted in a peak cylinder temp of 350 deg. at Vy (96 kts). With the old baffles I would have to transition to cruise climb (115kts) immediately after clearing the runway to keep temps below 400 deg. Cruise conditions resulted in 275-300 deg. on all cylinders. This represents an average improvement of between 25 and 50 deg. - Exactly what I was hoping to see." - Chris Nichols