Speed Slope Windshields

Faster. Sleeker. More Modern. Safer. Replace your early Bonanza, Baron, Debonair or Travel Air's windscreen with a D'Shannon Aviation Speed Slope Windshield.

The D'Shannon Speed Slope Windshield gives you:

  • A more streamlined forward cabin for added speed and a "new airplane" look.
  • Reduced cockpit noise from thicker windscreen material.
  • Your choice of 3/8" and 1/2" thick material, compared to factory-original 3/16" or 1/4" sloped windshields.
  • Reduced glare with the optional solar grey or green tint.

"The primary source of cabin noise comes through the windshield and side cabin windows," according to Norm Colvin, former Beechcraft manager of Bonanza service engineering and the first Technical Consultant of the American Bonanza Society. "There is no greater improvement in cabin silence that can be made than the installation of a thicker windshield," he wrote in the ABS magazine. Bird strike protection is an added safety factor with the thicker windshields. Birds that have been struck in flight have cracked our thicker windshields, but rarely have penetrated them.

After thoroughly inspecting the raw windshield stock material, D’Shannon anneals the material to further improve its clarity and strength. Only then are the blanks created to be custom-molded and formed, with a final inspection for clarity. This attention to detail is what makes D’Shannon Aviation Speed Slope Windshields the acknowledged best in the industry.

Windshields do not last forever. Take some time to inspect yours. If you find those little cracks (crazing), the acrylic has yellowed, or if over-enthusiastic cleaning has left a lot of very fine scratches, give us a call. D’Shannon Aviation has set the standard in Beech window replacements and conversions for decades. We use only the very finest acrylics for unmatched visual clarity, strength and longevity.

Cost conscious? Our replacement windshields are more reasonable priced than factory windscreens, with enhancements that Beechcraft does not offer.

Sleeker. Safer. Noticeably quieter. Update your early Beechcraft with the D'Shannon Aviation Speed Slope Windshield.

Windshields are available as a replacements for all models of Bonanza, Debonair, Travel Air, Baron, and Twin Bonanza, expect for the G36

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