Scimitar Propeller Conversion

D'Shannon Aviation is your headquarters for new and replacement STC propellers. With more than 40 years of helping our customers select propellers we have the experience to deliver the right propeller for the right application.

D'Shannon Aviation's three-blade Hartzell Super Scimitar propeller upgrade is the answer if you...

...want or need a modern update to replace obsolete Beech, Flottorp, McCauley threaded props, and steel-hub Hartzell propellers.

...are upgrading from a two-bladed propeller for:

  • reduced noise,
  • better take-off and climb performance,
  • improved appearance,
  • increased ground clearance, and
  • reduced blade erosion.

...are upgrading from almost any other propeller to obtain:

  • better cruise performance,
  • brand-new blade design, and
  • current propeller hub design.

The Hartzell Super Scimitar represents the latest in propeller technology research. Developed using the results of NASA’s Advanced General Aviation Technology Experiments (AGATE) program, the propeller quite simply delivers the “most for the least”.

The “most” is, of course, performance. The optimized twist configuration is engineered specifically to improve performance for single-engine aircraft. This propeller offers more thrust for a given horsepower in take-off, climb and cruise than any propeller ever approved for the Bonanza.

The “least” refers to noise output, as noise reduction (a concern at a growing number of airports) was one of the major objectives of the AGATE program.

The tip design incorporates plan-form and airfoil section changes to reduce tip noise at high power and RPMs. It's no secret that the more propeller blades, the less the propeller diameter and reduced propeller diameter reduces noise output. But this can also reduce power output. The advanced tip design of the Super Scimitar propeller, however, permits the added power of an 82” diameter prop, while producing a lower dB(a) level than current 78” and 80” three-blade propellers. This translates as large diameter propeller performance with an environmentally friendly reduced noise signature.

Other three-blade propellers on the market, designed 30 to 40 years ago, have been eclipsed. A superior product has evolved with unparalleled technology and performance. Would you invest in anything less?

All Models A35 through V35B including Turbocharged models

All Models 33 through G33

Models 36, A36, A36TC, B36TC and G36

Models C55, D55, E55, 58

Model Engine Horsepower Anti-Ice Deice A/C Propeller Spinner Kit 1 Kit 2
95-C55 IO-550-C 300 yes no no
95-C55 IO-550-C 300 no yes no
D55 IO-550-C 300 yes no no
D55 IO-550-C 300 no yes no
E55 IO-550-C 300 yes no no
E55 IO-550-C 300 no yes no
E55 IO-550-C 300 yes no yes
E55 IO-550-C 300 no yes yes
58 IO-550-C 300 yes no no
58 IO-550-C 300 no yes no
58 IO-550-C 300 yes no yes
58 IO-550-C 300 no yes yes

"Prop looks killer! Performs great." - Tracy Trent (please see photos in propeller gallery)

"I recently purchased a new De-Iced Super Scimitar Hartzell Propeller from D’Shannon Aviation for my Beech B36TC. D’Shannon has the STC on this absolutely superb propeller installation. Scott Erickson at D’Shannon was a dream to work with and expedited the delivery. We meticulously installed the propeller and on the first flight, the operation was amazing. The balance was perfect, less vibration than I have ever experienced in my 48 years of flying propeller driven aircraft. Even more surprising is that this 82 inch propeller produced a significantly better rate of climb than my old 78 inch propeller. My initial observation was that we were climbing out at a faster rate of climb than I have ever seen in this airplane. That is 300 feet per minute more than I have ever seen. I am delighted with the performance.

Note: The added thrust is apparent when slowing down for the traffic pattern too. The Landing Gear Horn came on more frequently than before just to slow down for the pattern."

Ronald W. Diedrichs (Please see photos in the Propeller Gallery)
ATP pilot

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