Louvered Gill Doors

D'Shannon Aviation lower cowling cooling louvers replace the original cowling access panels. They may be installed on all Bonanzas equipped with fuel-injected engines.

Cooling louvers give you:

  • An average 20 degrees Fahrenheit cooler CHTs and 10 degrees F lower oil temperature.
  • Increases engine and accessory life.

Our STC'd cowling louvers are an integral part of the D'Shannon engine cooling system. They may also be added to your Bonanza independently of our other cooling modification kits. We recommend you combine these with D'Shannon Aviation high efficiency baffle cooling kits to achieve maximum cooling efficiency. Temperatures stated are based on average readings and may vary from plane to plane.

The original Bonanzas had solid lower cowling access panels. As horsepower increased, and fuel injection was added, the solid panels gave way to the ‘shark gill’ style panels. Eventually the cooling requirements of 300 horsepower engines gave rise to the fully louvered lower cowling access panels.

Made to last, D'Shannon cooling louvers come with stainless steel hardware. Their edges are rolled to tightly fit your aircraft for maximum cooling efficiency and factory-new appearance.

36, F33A, F33C, E33A, E33C, G33, F33, E33, V35B, V35BTC, V35A, V35ATC, V35, S35, P35, N35, M35, K35, J35, H35, G35, F35, E35 , D35, C35, B35, A35, C33A, C33, B33, A33, 33, 35-33, 35

Early Bonanzas require a second insert that allows the larger fasteners to be installed in the fuselage engine fixed panels.

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