High Performance Exhaust

D'Shannon Aviation's High Performance Exhaust System is tailored to fit your Bonanza and gives you:

  • Increased power with each stroke.
  • Reduced exhaust back pressure for more efficiency.
  • A cooler, denser fuel/air charge.

D'Shannon's High Performance Exhaust System is fully STC'd and PMA'd.

Automobile designers and hot-rodders have known for decades that tuned exhaust creates a more powerful, more efficient engine. But factory aircraft exhaust systems have not had the advantage of tuning. D'Shannon can fix that on your Bonanza's engine.

A tuned exhaust reduces the pressure at the exhaust port just before the exhaust valve closes, to a level below the pressure in the intake manifold. This reduction must be precisely timed to happen during the overlap, the brief period when both the exhaust and intake valves are open. If tuned properly, each exhaust pulse creates a wave that pulls the next exhaust pulse along. Thus, the spent exhaust gas is not only pushed out by the piston, it is pulled out as well.

This means a fresh fuel/air mixture is drawn into the cylinder while exhaust gases are simultaneously removed. The denser charge of fresh, cool mixture, free of residual exhaust, results in greater power output.

Tuning an aircraft engine’s exhaust is easier than tuning a car or off-road engine because an airplane's engine normally operates over a narrow RPM range. Airplane exhausts aren't generally tuned, however, because space is limited under the cowl. In most cases, a tuned exhaust header requires longer runs with engineered bend radii to properly perform. D'Shannon's engineers have solved the problem and provide a custom-fit, fully tuned exhaust for Beech Bonanzas.

D’Shannon Aviation's High Performance Exhaust: More power and efficiency for your Bonanza!

D'Shannon Aviation High Performance Exhaust Headers are for Bonanzas equipped with normally aspirated IO-520 and IO-550 engines

E33A, E33C, F33A, F33C, G33, S35, V35, V35A, V35B, 36, A36, G36

Installation Manuals
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