Genesis Conversions

“Forming, combining form; origination, creation, formation, evolution”- Webster's Dictionary

D'Shannon Aviation has combined our most popular Bonanza modifications to create a package that offers more cumulative benefits than any previous modification, at any price a Genesis for your Beechcraft.

The Genesis package gives you:

  • Increased Maximum Gross Take-off and Landing Weight: up to 4,010 lbs!
  • Improved slow speed handling.
  • Lower stall speeds.
  • Full FAA STC and PMA approval.

D'Shannon's GENESIS Conversion™ offers:

POWER: The improved take-off, climb, cruise speeds and economy of the Continental Motors, Inc. IO-550B with the latest technology propeller packages.

COOLING: High efficiency cooling is provided by D'Shannon Engine Baffles and Lower Cowling Access Panel Louver kits.

HANDLING: The D'Shannon Aileron and Flap Gap Seal kit to improve slow speed handling, reduce stall speeds, enhance stability and expand safety margins.

RANGE: Tip Tanks to dramatically increase range, endurance and safety margins.

CONTROL: Vortex Generators are also available (but not required) on the GENESIS Conversion™ to further reduce stall speeds and enhance stability. VGs provide positive aileron control and enhance rudder authority at slower speeds and higher angles of attack.

PAYLOAD: The most exciting benefit of the GENESIS Conversion™ is a Maximum Gross Take-off and Landing Weight of 4,010 lbs.

GENESIS Conversion™ by D'Shannon Aviation. It changes everything!

D'Shannon Aviation GENESIS Conversion™ is available for
Bonanza Models 36; A36; A36TC; G36, STCd and PMAd

"I'm a little slow getting this posted but one week ago Saturday I picked up my A36 at D'Shannon after they completed adding the tip tanks and flap gap seals to complete a Genesis conversion.

Scott was great to work with. He did everything he said and was on time and on budget. I asked Scott how quickly we could get it done if everything was well planned in advance. He said 10 days and that is what it was. I Dropped it off on Tuesday afternoon May 1 about 3 pm and it was ready on Friday the 11th!

I was a little worried about the paint scheme prior to dropping it off because we didn't do a mockup and it was hard for me to visualize what it would look like. No cause for concern as I think the paint turned out great! It's the first thing people comment and compliment on. They did an amazing job matching it up considering the existing paint is 20 years old.

The best part, and honestly the main reason I added the tips is the GW increase. She now sports a 1616 lb useful load!!!" - John Bailey. Please view installation pictures in our photo gallery.

" Took a lot of research and hard thinking before putting a Genesis Kit on my G36 Bonanza. I could not be happier, N7WZ is flying smooth and no noticeable difference in flight characteristics. Love the endurance , peace of mind on fuel reserves and the Gross Weight Increase. CHTs are looking great with the cooling baffles. LED lights gives an excellent cosmetic appeal with functionality. Scott was very helpful while making decisions on the conversion." Nitin Desai, MD Please view his photos in his album.

Q: What is the useable fuel available in the Tip Tanks?

A: Out of 40 Gallons total, 40 Gallons are useable.

Q: What minimum fuel is required in the Tip Tanks at Max Gross Weight?

A: Zero.

Q: How does the engine burn the fuel in the Tip Tanks?

A: The fuel in the Tip Tanks is pumped into the Main Tanks. A switch is installed in the instrument panel to enable the transfer pumps. Insure you burn sufficient fuel from the Main tanks prior to activating the transfer pump. If the Main tank is pumped past full, excess fuel will be vented overboard.

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