Gap Seal Kits

D'Shannon's Gap Seal Kits for Bonanzas and Barons offer great improved performance without a great deal of cost. Benefits of D'Shannon gap seals include:

  • Reduced stall speed, decreased drag and increased cruise speed.
  • Shorter takeoff and landing distances
  • Improved control authority under all flight conditions.

The complete kit includes top and bottom flap-to-fuselage gap seals and flap- and aileron-to-wing gap seals.

In flight, high-pressure air beneath the wing flows toward the lower pressure on the top of the wing.

The obvious path for this flow is through the gaps between the control surfaces, and between the wing and fuselage. Air through these gaps causes a disturbance on the top of the wing reducing efficiency and increasing drag. By sealing the gaps between the wing and control surfaces you perfect the airfoil for control authority and drag reduction.

Eliminating this disturbance will improve your aircraft many ways. With D'Shannon gap seals you'll enjoy:

  • Much more effective aileron and flap control.
  • Lower stall speed, for shorter takeoff and landings.
  • Increased cruise speed from the decrease in drag.
  • Improved handling at slower speeds. Controls are crisper, roll more responsive and control positive on final approach and just after liftoff.

The complete kit is easy to install and includes top and bottom flap-to-fuselage gap seals and flap- and aileron-to-wing gap seals. All installation contact points are Teflon coated to eliminate friction and wear.

Speed. Performance. Handling. D'Shannon Gap Seals make a great improvement to your Beechcraft at a minimal expense.

FAA PMA'd and STC's on all models of Baron, Bonanza, and Debonair.

Q: Will the Gap Seals make my Ailerons feel heavier?

A: No. The Gap Seals have teflon on the surface contacting the Ailerons, so that friction does not exist.

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