Engine Conversions

D'Shannon Aviation engine conversion packages are the industry leader as a result of years of development and refinement. Our performance and dedication to detail make D’Shannon Aviation the most popular and respected Beechcraft engine upgrade.

Your D'Shannon engine conversion gives you:

  • Shorter takeoff runs and quicker climbs.
  • Increased cruise speed.
  • Improved engine reliability and efficiency.
  • Lower maintenance and greater peace of mind.
  • Increased airplane value and resale value.

The type of engine installed on an airplane is specified by the airplane's Type Certificate (TC). Installing a different or more powerful engine requires an FAA-issued Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that signifies the new engine meets or exceeds the original standards of safety and reliability. D'Shannon's conversion packages include the FAA-approved STC you need.

Reliability and efficiency need no explanation, but power is a little more complex. Additional power provides improved takeoff performance, climb, cruise speed, a higher service ceiling and the ability to carry a greater load. Better performance and the ability to fly at higher altitudes are a significant improvement in safety.

Our engine conversions are available with a variety of propeller options. In many cases you retain your current propeller. In all our conversions you can upgrade to a new-technology propeller for even more performance. Ask us about your options for the engine conversion you desire.

Power. Performance. Reliability. Safety. Get them all with a D'Shannon engine conversion.

From an H-35 to V35B, 33 Debonair to an A36 or c55 to a 58 Baron, D'Shannon Aviation has a conversion suited to match your needs. Through D’Shannon Aviation, your engine conversion and propeller options are made as easy as possible.

"Your engine upgrade has turned my old bird into a hotrod!" - Alan in TX.

Q: Which engine upgrades do you provide for my model Beechcraft?

A: Please refer here to the table in the Eligible Aircraft section.

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