Bonanza Engine Conversions

D'Shannon Aviation engine conversion packages are the industry leader as a result of years of development and refinement. Our performance and dedication to detail make D’Shannon Aviation the most popular and respected Beechcraft engine upgrade.

Your D'Shannon engine conversion gives you:

  • Shorter takeoff runs and quicker climbs.
  • Increased cruise speed.
  • Improved engine reliability and efficiency.
  • Lower maintenance and greater peace of mind.
  • Increased airplane value and resale value.

The type of engine installed on an airplane is specified by the airplane's Type Certificate (TC). Installing a different or more powerful engine requires an FAA-issued Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that signifies the new engine meets or exceeds the original standards of safety and reliability. D'Shannon's conversion packages include the FAA-approved STC you need.

Reliability and efficiency need no explanation, but power is a little more complex. Additional power provides improved takeoff performance, climb, cruise speed, a higher service ceiling and the ability to carry a greater load. Better performance and the ability to fly at higher altitudes are a significant improvement in safety.

Our engine conversions are available with a variety of propeller options. In many cases you retain your current propeller. In all our conversions you can upgrade to a new-technology propeller for even more performance. Ask us about your options for the engine conversion you desire.

Power. Performance. Reliability. Safety. Get them all with a D'Shannon engine conversion.

IO-550: A36, 36, F33A, F33C, E33A, E33C, G33, F33, E33, V35B, V35BTC, V35A, V35ATC, V35, S35, P35, N35, M35, K35, J35, H35, G35, F35, E35, D35, C35, B35, A35, C33A, C33, B33, A33, 33

IO-520: G33, F33, E33, P35, N35, M35, K35, J35, H35, G35, F35, E35, D35, C35, B35, A35, C33, B33, A33, 33

IO-470C,N: F33, E33, P35, N35, M35, K35, J35, H35, C33, B33, A33, 33

Dear Scott:

I now have my aircraft back from Hampton Roads Helicopters with the D’Shannon Baffle Kit installed. I flew it back from Virginia today to my home airport, Easton, Maryland (ESN).

Nate Steigenga and his folks at HRH did a FABULOUS job. Apart from the attention to detail shown during the project, the performance of the kit vis-à-vis my engine/cylinder temps exceeded my wildest expectations. My number 6 would regularly bump above 400F on climb-out, even in relatively modest temperatures such as we had here today (roughly 55F).

During climb-out today, I could not get the number 6 cylinder to go above 315 – at full throttle! During cruise, I saw an across the board 70-80 degree drop in my normal cruise cylinder temps.

In short, I could not be more pleased.

Thanks for the great product and the equally great installer recommendation.

Robert Schulte

Robert Schulte
Schulte Booth, P.C.
3001 Elliott Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21224
Voice (410) 732-1315
Facsimile (410) 732-1316

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