Baron Cooling Baffles

D'Shannon Aviation's custom Baffle Cooling Kits are designed to improve cowling air flow to properly cool your engine. D'Shannon Baffle Cooling Kits help avoid cylinder replacement and overall engine wear, saving you money.

  • Improved cooling supports reduced cylinder wear.
  • Our cooling kits are durable reducing yearly maintenance expense.
  • Multiple color combinations.

Your engine may be running extremely hot and you may not even know it. D'Shannon Aviation's custom Baffle Cooling Kits are designed to channel air flow through the cowling to properly cool your engine. D'Shannon Baffle Cooling Kits help avoid cylinder replacement by reducing valve, valve guide and overall engine wear. You'll improve engine safety while saving money and avoiding down time.

Cylinder replacement is one of the first topics to come up when pilots and mechanics talk about engine operation. Many pilots say they can't get all the horsepower out of their engines because of engine temperature issues.

Early cylinder failure and excessive operating temperatures are both symptoms of a mistreated engine.

Your airplane's engine requires adequate cooling to run properly.

Those little “waves” and wrinkles often found along the length of the seal strips on improperly maintained baffles are escape paths for air your engine needs for cooling. D'Shannon cooling baffles will force that air where it's needed most - around your cylinders.

Bryan Lewis, then President of Teledyne Continental Motors wrote in ABS Magazine: “The baffles and seals of your engine compartment are responsible for removing a heat load that is equivalent to the horsepower supplied to your propeller. Any disruption of designed cooling airflow can be a problem for cylinder life and should be corrected."

What makes the D'Shannon Aviation Baffle Cooling Kit superior?

  • Our baffle cooling kit is complete. It replaces the entire Beech baffle installation, both the metal and rubber seals, along with the mounting brackets and hardware. Everything you need to protect your engine.
  • We went beyond FAA requirements and conducted flight-testing in actual 100-degree ambient temperatures. Using the worst possible conditions defined by FAR standards, we have obtained unquestionably the most accurate possible cooling test results and they prove the effectiveness of D'Shannon engine baffles.
  • D’ Shannon Aviation's baffle cooling kits are flying on thousands of Beech Bonanzas. Owners report remarkable improvements in the temperature of their engines.
  • Our baffle cooling kit is custom fit, so that every bit of air entering the engine compartment is used to its fullest potential to cool your engine.

Engine cooling takes place by routing air through the cylinder fins and around accessories and the oil cooler. Take a peek at your current baffles. Leaking baffles show up as gray streaks along the upper cowl doors and the lower cowl. How many ‘holes’ do you see, where air is escaping without cooling your engine?

Another test is to check the CHTs for all six cylinders. Don’t be misled by a single cylinder head temperature reading. You may be redlining one or more of your other cylinders. Our baffle cooling kits give results that can lead to longer cylinder life, reduced maintenance costs and the ability to climb quickly to a cooler altitude without overheating your engine or running excessively rich fuel mixtures to compensate for inadequate cooling in climb.

Excessive engine temperatures are the enemy of engine life and full-power operation. Cool your engine for safety, performance and reduced maintenance cost with D'Shannon Aviation Baffle Cooling Kit.

C55, D55, E55, 58

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