About Us

D’Shannon Aviation: World's largest STC holder and manufacturer of 'Upgrades' for the Beechcraft fleet of Bonanzas, Debonairs and Barons...Leading the industry for more than 50 years.

When it is time to upgrade your Bonanza, Debonair or Baron, there is only one name you need to know, D’Shannon Aviation. We have been the premier source of modifications for your Beechcraft with more than 50 years of service, starting with the Speed-Slope Windshield upgrade; continuing with instrument panels, tip tanks, side windows, gap seals and V/G systems; and today expanding those offerings with powerplant upgrades, engine cooling systems, and Super Scimitar Propellers.

Honestly advising our clients has lead us to develop the knowledge to help you whether you’re flying an early model 35 or a hot new G36. We are the only manufacturer of tip tanks offering a large gross weight increase on the model 36 Bonanza airframe, giving you a 4010 lbs gross weight to work with for fuel or additional payload with our popular Genesis package. Genesis includes the IO-550B engine (or TSIO-520UB for the A36TC), enhanced engine cooling and the safety of gap seals. You can even specify the optional V/Gs to assist with slow flight at the higher gross weights. We are proud that D’Shannon is also the approved source of Tip Tanks for the Hawker Beechcraft Service Centers’ Bonanza XTRA program.

With new management, we continue to develop new products and re-release products that were discontinued in the past. All of our D’Shannon products are made in our facilities in Minnesota & North Carolina, USA, and are STC’d and PMA’d. D’Shannon Aviation upgrades enhance the usability of your Bonanza, Debonair or Baron and will improve its value when it is time to sell. Realize the Potential of your Bonanza.

To complement a 50 year history of providing elite products to upgrade your Beechcraft, D’Shannon Aviation (formerly Beryl D’Shannon) has just introduced its high performance engines. To provide the highest quality engine possible, our facility has been located in “Race City” (Mooresville), NC, home of the world renowned NASCAR engine shops. Here the talent and resources exist to build the cutting edge engines you deserve. To launch this endeavor we recruited our lead engineer/mechanic from a three time world champion Red Bull racing team; engaged a highly respected premier NASCAR engine builder of 20 years; and employed two more experienced high performance engine builders (all four with a combined experience of 90 years).

The market has informed us that the time is right for building an upscale engine so that you can now fully realize the potential of your Beechcraft. Genesis engines by D’Shannon are not just another “run of the mill” mass produced engine. All parts are hand-inspected, perfected and polished to the best possible specs. Engines are assembled by experienced and expert builders, and then tuned and balanced for ultimate efficiency, safety, and performance. If you've dreamed of upgrading your “bird” with the best engine(s) possible, your time has come! Contact Scott or Dale at (800) 291-7616 International (763) 559-5998 or info@d-shannon-aviation.com to inquire about an engine that will maximize your Beechcraft’s potential. Orders are heating up, so watch here for testimonials from the pacesetters…or better yet, be one of them.

Contact us at 800-291-7616 or info@d-shannon-aviation.com